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Top 7 Tips for Negotiating the Sale of Your Home

Negotiating a successful sale of your home requires an environment that sustains the buyer’s interest and trust during the process. Many of our clients have been very experienced negotiators, and from them
fake oakley wholesale we have learned that the goal is to reach a "good agreement" one in which the underlying interests of both seller and buyer are met. The results of a poor agreement may come back to haunt the parties after the closing. Here are some thoughts to consider as you prepare to negotiate the sale of your home.

What do you want to achieve in the negotiation?

Letting the buyer know what you need, in a clear and reasoned way, is the first step toward getting it. For most people, price is the highest priority, and is given the most attention. The buyer’s offer must be evaluated in light of a market analysis, marketing time and buyer responses. This will give you an indication of what a reasonable offer should be. In addition to price, there are other needs to think through. Distinguish between "must haves" and "would likes". Your interests might include:

Selling at the highest price possible.

Coordinating your move to your new home.

Setting the closing to meet your travel, school or work time frame.

Resolving any repair issues fairly.

Protecting yourself by having complete property disclosures.

Locking in a mortgage loan rate for your new home.

Having no title or survey issues, or solving any that do arise.

Completing your relocation process and getting settled into a new home.

Forging a good relationship with a buyer who appreciates your home.

Having no future problems or unexpected issues after closing.

How much leverage do you have?

A big factor in your leverage is the underlying market condition. If you are in a seller’s market you should receive offers at the top of the range. This
fake oakleys is especially true if your home is in a
cheap oakley sunglasses hot area and has great appeal. If you have multiple offers, you have very strong leverage! Buyers will make their best offer up front.

If you are in a buyer’s market, and your home has been for sale for many months, you have a lot less leverage to work with. Knowing the buyers’ underlying interests
cheap fake oakleys will help you improve your leverage. If you see that they love your house you have some leverage. If their time frame is immediate, and you can meet it, you have some leverage. If you can meet some of their secondary needs, you have some leverage for a better price. If the buyer is a dispassionate investor you have very little leverage.

Be careful that you do not accept an offer that contains a high risk contingency to sell the buyer’s home, a too long option period or a buyer without approved financing. These offers have a down side that may be difficult to
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In Texas, our contracts contain a short "option period" during which the buyer can terminate. We all breath a sigh of relief when the option period is over. In the long run the option period protects you, the seller. It allows time for the buyer to do inspections and answer any open questions.
fake oakleys cheap Keep in mind that, for many buyers, taking the first step in a big decision is
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cheap replica oakleys hard. Once the ball is rolling it is easier for them to stay on track. Action creates commitment. There are subtle pressures to keep the buyer in the deal, such as face saving, and time and money investment.

Is an adversarial or cooperative approach more effective?

There is nothing more destructive to the negotiation process than the adversarial style. Professional negotiators try to preserve the relationship between the parties. The goal is not to reach an impasse in which neither the seller’s nor buyer’s needs are met. Sometimes buyers include a note with their offer explaining why the house is not worth what they are asking, pointing out deficiencies, etc. No one can read a note criticizing their house without a defensive reaction.

In the same vein, your attitude toward the buyer can be effective in solidifying their interest in your home. The negotiation process usually begins with some degree of distrust between buyer and seller. The goal is to move in the direction of trust as quickly as possible.

How do you work with a combative strategy?

Sometimes you have no choice but to work with an adversarial buyer or agent. Their strategy includes: emotional statements, snide remarks, defensive arguments, threats to terminate, ego involvement, and stated positioning. Creative solutions are not likely to be found in this environment. Working with a combative style negotiator requires control of your own emotions. Here are some pointers:

Do not respond emotionally. An angry or defensive response will escalate the negotiation into a no win battle.

Do not argue. Arguing usually positions them more strongly and drags the negotiation process off course.

Do not ignore their arguments. Listen carefully, but do not accept or reject.

Acknowledge the fact that certain emotions are present, without responding in kind.

Strong emotions arouse emotions in others, including fear and anger. The anger may have a source outside of your contract, or it may be a negotiation tactic.

The agent may try an "us against them" strategy . If this happens, write "cover memos" with your responses to the buyer in order to break down the barrier.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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5 Best Ways to Build Morale

Can’t believe the customer they just had

If you are like most customers you can relate. On the other hand, I recently got a rash of very irate "readers" who wanted me to know their true feelings about how the employee feels sometimes. They were angry. Costly employee absenteeism, accidents, turnover and dissatisfaction increase. Without
wholesale cheap oakley sunglasses your concern and action to attack the causes of decreasing morale, the mood, motivation and activity levels of your employees may be at risk."

The key to building morale in the workplace is to kick up your communication skills a couple of notches from the top management to the front line employees and I believe that all starts with the word, expectation.

1. Job expectation: Do your employees really understand what is expected of them? Does your training material cover all of the physical expectations of the job as far as hours, work schedule, work environment and so on? Is there "live" role playing incorporated in the training program that shows, by example, the typical and not so typical situations that they may have to handle on a daily basis? Be fair and upfront with your employees as to what the job requires them to do.

2. Accountability expectation: Do you have an employee handbook? Do your employees know exactly what is expected of them and how they will be held accountable? Do you have ways of testing your employees after they have gone through training? How do you handle giving the feedback that is necessary for them to change their behavior? Do
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oakleys sunglasses manage by reward or by punishment? Which do you think
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3. Communication expectation: I recently received feedback from a client who said, "Well, we didn’t give our people the correct information on how to give
cheap oakley sunglasses feedback on their performance, so the feedback was used as a punishment and not as a learning tool. My question was whose fault was that? My guess was management. Communication is critical on every single level of business.

Employees need to know that they can go to any
oakley sunglasses replica level of management and that someone will listen. If not, their concerns will be voiced to their peers and anyone else that will listen, which could just be the customer. When action is taken on their ideas, even if told that their ideas are good but too costly or not possible to implement, most employees will still have experienced the boss listening to them. This can impact an individual in positive ways. And if the idea is actually acted upon, the employee will feel that he or she
cheap fake oakleys has achieved a goal. And achievement is a major source of motivation, and motivation leads to productivity. The boss listens and learns. The employee expresses herself. Both gain something. Morale improves as a result, and everyone wins. What’s not to like?"

4. Reward Expectation: The make believe radio station that constantly plays in most peoples heads is WII FM. What is in it for me? Most people are thinking as they interview for a job:Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes: